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Eat Fresh, Waste Less, Spend Less.

About EatBy App

EatBy App is the world leading smart kitchen app designed to help us manage our food, eat fresh, waste less and reduce our food bills.

The app is part of EatBy’s initiative to reduce food waste and to encourage sustainable food.

About Food Waste
The average family will save $1,000 or £700 each year by becoming more efficient in the kitchen.

One third of all food produced is wasted – enough to fill a 2 mile high wheelie bin every year.
Preventable food waste contributes to 10% of greenhouse gases.

Sustainable living
We are all responsible for the future of our planet.
Eatby helps individuals and businesses meet those responsibilities.


EatBy App Frequently Asked Questions

What is EatBy App?

The Eat By App is your food organiser which helps reduce the amount of food you throw away by reminding you to eat it before it’s expiry date. It helps the environment and helps you to save you money.

Is the EatBy App a free app?

Yes. The EatByApp is a free app with an option to  an in app upgrade that removes the advertisements and subscribes the user to the bonus shopping list function.

I run a restaurant or catering business can I use the EatBy App?

The EatBy App is intended for domestic use. However, if you find it useful to help your business then that is okay by us. But please remember that you are responsible for the food safety standards of your business. Our terms and conditions apply to anyone who uses the app.

Does the EatBy App really save me money?

Regular use of the EatBy App will reduce the amount of food you waste. This could save a family one quarter of the cost of their monthly food bills. Upgrading the app to include the shopping list feature could help you save even more. Please see our hints and tips page for more information.

What happens if my scanned item isn’t on the database?

You will be asked to add your item manually. Don’t worry, adding the item manually is quick and easy. After you add your item to the public database it will be available to you  and to other users of the EatByApp in the future.

Will other users be able to see my details if I add items to the database?

Absolutely not! Other users will only see products and food items. Your details are not made public. We manually check the database as it grows in an effort to make sure that it is accurate.

Do I have to upgrade?

There is no need to subscribe to the upgrade. The app works perfectly well with the adverts! But upgrading does add the super shopping list function. We think it’s brilliant, but then we would say that. Hopefully you’ll agree because it automatically suggests when you need to replace an item that you have recently used. It also helps us improve our services and app!

Does EatBy App collect my information?

Your personal information is used to log into the app’s database system which enables the scan function. Your information is safe with us and will never be used without your consent. We may from time to time send you updates about the app, our services and terms and conditions. We will never use your personal details to spam you. All correspondence from us will include an opt out link so you can stop emails.

Do I have to manually add my items to the EatBy App list every time I go shopping?

The EatByApp has time saving input options that make it quick and simple to use. Text input has an auto suggest, you may scan the barcode or use your voice. If you chose to upgrade then items on the shopping list are automatically added to the “Your Stuff” list. From here you can instantly add items to your shopping list that are automatically added to your reminder list when you buy it.


 EatBy App

 EatBy App

 EatBy App

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 EatBy App

Eat Fresh, Waste Less, Spend Less.

Eat Fresh, Waste Less, Spend Less.

Eat Fresh, Waste Less, Spend Less.

Eat Fresh, Waste Less, Spend Less.

Eat Fresh, Waste Less, Spend Less.

Wasting less food = more money to spend on other things.

It's also better for the environment.

The EatByApp helps you manage the food in your kitchen and reminds you to eat the food you have while it’s still fresh.
Here are some ways to turn your kitchen into a more efficient lean mean feeding machine.

  • Understand the labels.

    Food producers use labels that suggest when things should be eaten. The meaning of these labels can cause confusion.

    Display Until:

    This is information for the store or supermarket. Food that has a display until label on it can be eaten after the date shown.

    Best Before:

    This label is most often used on foods that are better to eat while they are still fresh but can still be eaten after the Best Before date.

    Use by:

    This is the most important date to observe. The food must not be eaten after the Use By date to avoid nasty stuff like tummy bugs and food poisoning. Always check the Use By date on the packaging before eating.

  • Store food correctly.

  • Don’t buy more than you need!

  • Keep your fridge tidy!

  • And finally- be social:

  • Your ideas?

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